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3 Step Dimming LED Bulb

Posted by Admin General on

Some call it LED lamp with a 'built-in dimmer'. In conventional or traditional dimming, you will require a separate dimmer switch to be able to control the brightness of the LED lamp.   But, in most cases, it is not as simple as replacing the existing on/off switch with a compatible dimmer switch.  One would have to consider if the existing on/off switch to be replaced is a single/double/triple gang switch.  As most dimmer switches available in the market now is a single gang dimmer switch(except of more expensive purpose built dimmers), some planning and considerations are necessary when laying the...

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Product Review: MEGAMAN® Dim to Warm LED Bulb (GU10)

Posted by Clarence Leong on

Now you can achieve near perfect flicker and buzz free dimming like an incandescent bulb in the form of a LED!

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