Collection: Magnetic Track Light System (SMART)


LATEST SUPER SLIM Series-Saturn® (available now in WHITE)



Flexible Combination fulfilling different space needs 

Magnetic tracks are able to fulfill different interior design needs through different Track set Combination. Systemic Track arrangement makes managing & installing lights easier.

Meant to be installed on both concrete as a surface mounted as well as in false ceiling as a recessed fixture in different lengths, forms and angles.

Choose from a variety of removable light fittings- track light, spot light, linear light, grille light and pendant light to suit your needs, with dimming as an option.

We currently offer 3 distinct smart system, one using BLE (Bluetooth)(*ORION-OSRAM Chip), another two using ZIGBEE plus our latest SUPER SLIM (Saturn®). 

*Our Orion® & Saturn® System are backed by a 2 years ONSITE local warranty.(Residential Only)