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Calling all Interior Designers (ID), Lighting Consultants, Lighting Designers and Property Agents.

We would love to work with you.

If you allow us to work with you on fulfilling your client's lighting and ventilation needs, these are the benefits that you will be entitled to:


1. You get to focus on your forte - Design & Creation/Completion of sale/rental process

2. You may leave your clients in our good hands to select their required lightings from our carefully curated lightings solutions from a single source

3. Our prices are completely transparent (all listed online) so you need not worry that your clients get ripped off, hence gaining their trust.  You will also get to be listed as one of THREECUBES certified lighting partners.

4. Since our prices are absolutely transparent and with no excessive markups, we will not be paying you a "COMMISSION", rather, you will be entitled to  a referral fee.  This is better than having your clients buying their lightings without proper guidance and advice from doubtful sources (in which case you receive nothing), and end up having complications during installation.   

5. No need to spend unnecessary time to educate your customers on the types of lightings to choose,etc.  Let us do the job, just tell them what they need, we will do the rest when we receive them in our shop.

6. We get to service the same client, doing what each of us does best.  You get the added customer service support to pamper your clients and professional advice to take care of their lighting needs from pre to post sales.

How do we benefit?  We are just happy to get the sales, and get more good reviews to access to a bigger market with your referral.

Now thats what we call a THREECUBES WIN-WIN Situation.

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