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About Us

Since our formation in 2012, we have become a trusted and leading lighting partner and have helped many home owners, tenants and retailers transformed their homes and domains into a place they come to spend a good part of their lives in.  

Apart from representing some of the leading brands in the market like AZ ELITE, DALEN, INNR, LANIBER, LUZ, MEGAMAN, PHILIPS, PLUMEN & SG FiLUX, YEELIGHT, we carrying our in house range of light fittings, luminaires and lamps.  We also represent fans like CRESTAR, ECO-AIRX, KAZE, PO ECO & SPIN.

The range of exquisite table & floor lamps that we offer are inspired by nature and are all designed and manufactured using only natural and sustainable materials to create uniquely designed lacquerware and wooden products.

The manufacturer has 3 fundamental values which are synonymous with the concept of the products:

-Use of natural, recyclable and sustainable materials.
-Innovative and Contemporary design
-Authentic way of crafting each product into a masterpiece.
-All our lamps are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and that’s why we can guarantee that each one of our lamps will be uniquely different!

These natural wooden lamps have been inspired by Asian’s tropical nature and its abundance of unique and naturally shaped wooden vines, roots, tree trunks and branches.

These beautiful pieces of natural root, tree trunk, tree branch and wooden vine are then washed, sanded and treated to reveal the beautiful texture underneath. With skilled craftsmanship, the pieces of wood are assembled together to create one of a kind wooden table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers.

These lamps are CE, ROHS, UL and CUL compliant.

Many do not share the same passion and beliefs like us in using lights beyond just the basic function of illumination.  This makes us even more proud in doing what we do best.

Our range of home decor features contemporary art & design wall art, art furniture and mirrors.   

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