Collection: Ceiling Fans for Singapore

Ceiling Fans can no longer be considered a luxury but a kind of necessity in the "red dot" otherwise known as Singapore.  Besides helping to cool the interior of our homes directly, it also helps to keep tab on our electricity bills, associated with the increased reliance on our air conditioners, by helping to circulate the cool air more effectively around the room.  Not forgetting the fact that, unlike its sibling- the table/floor standing fan, it does not take up real estate, especially in a place like Singapore, where space is a premium.  In recent years, with the advent of DC (Direct Current) Motor fans, we have been presented with an even wider range of designer ceiling fans to choose from. 

With advances in technology, the latest range of ceiling fans now comes with smart WiFi AI voice control capabilities without the need for an external device other than your voice assistant (Amazon Echo, Google Home).


All our ceiling fans are Safety Mark Approved and supported locally. 

Ceiling fans, which are classified as controlled goods, must be type-tested, certified to meet relevant safety standards, registered with Enterprise Singapore and affixed with a SAFETY mark before they are supplied, displayed or advertised for sale in Singapore. 

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