List of 3CAA Smart Interior Designers

More and more Singaporeans are looking to benefit from having smart home features designed into their new homes.

Smart switches, lightings, ceiling fans, air conditioning and curtains are common considerations when starting out on a smart home journey.

Is the Interior Designer you are engaging equipped with the necessary know-how and experience to integrated these smart elements when designing your space?

Many new home owners feedback they struggled with dealing with different parties when trying to find a good smart home service provider.

One of most common complaint is that Smart Home companies and Lighting shops have problems understanding each other (one with a traditional electrical background while the other with a technology lingo), resulting in a smart home that has limited features or in worst case, problems trying to get the products working seamless together.

Now, with Threecubes (3C) expertise in modern lightings + Automate Asia (AA) proven track records in home automation, you can now expect a hassle-free experience for both you and your clients!

3CAA Threecubes AutomateAsia Partner ID

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Through our regular workshops, we identify those potential IDs who register their interest and demonstrate the capabilities to help their clients embark on a smart home journey, we will then invest our time to work with them to own the customers and to ensure a trouble free experience all the way from planning to handover, extending beyond post sales support.

Join our growing list of partners below and get your firm recognised to showcase your capabilities in designing a smarter home! Drop us a Whatsapp now!



Intriq Design 




Intheory Design




Wood and Walls


D'Art Interior


EC Studio


One Stop Builders