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Three Cubes Project was started in 2017 to partner our commercial customers in their delivery of quality Industrial and Commercial projects.

We aspire to be the supplier of choice for architects, engineers and interior designers. Some of the leading brands in the market that we represent includes AZ ELITE, LANIBER, MEGAMAN, PHILIPS, PLUMEN & SG FiLUX. In addition, we also carry our in-house range of light fittings, luminaires and lamps which are inspired by nature, designed and manufactured using only natural and sustainable materials to complement the interior decorations of any project sites.

We offer a range of interior decorative lights and exterior architectural lighting solutions.

Consultancy Services

The right lighting can accentuate your design, create a conducive work or study environment, create the ambient for your customer to spend (retail), feast or dine in comfort (F & B).   

Not to mention, assist in various aspect of a Qi enhanced Feng Shui setting.  Selecting the ideal lighting solutions can be daunting at times. 


We help clients source for lighting or provide alternatives and match demand and supply from our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers.   


Do you have a project that involves a specific type of lights in a particular style?  For example like decorative lights in a hospitality or places of interest, places of worship.  With a certain quantity, we will be able work with our manufacturers to meet your request.  

Responsibility to Environment

We take special care to dispose replaced lighting for proper recycling in Singapore.  We work with our recycling partners to ensure that all necessary measures are in place to ensure no illegal dumping of such materials.  

Related Services

We provide related FM (Facilities Management) services to commercial and corporate customers including MCST for maintenance, servicing and repairs for air conditioning and lighting systems.


We offer a “no-obligations” site visit for our commercial customers to understand their project lighting requirements and to provide our recommendations. So contact us now!


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Class A Fire rated Sky Panel Light Curtain for YSL boutique@Paragon Shopping Mall


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