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Saturn® Magnetic Track System (Zigbee)

Saturn® Magnetic Track System (Zigbee)

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The Saturn® Magnetic Track System is the newest in LED lighting technology, designed with a slim white or black profile to blend perfectly with concrete ceiling surfaces. Magnetic tracks allow for versatile, easy installation, providing maximum flexibility with sleek, modern looks.

The Zigbee version offers an efficient, wireless connection for a truly smart lighting experience.  

Made specially for Singapore homes where majority of ceiling types are concrete.



Flexible Combination fulfilling different space needs Magneto track is able to fulfill different interior design needs through different Track set Combination. Systemic Track arrangement makes managing & installing lights easier.

Magnet installation Magnet structure allows different lamp body to be installed easily Lamp body could be easily moved and angle of lights could easily be adjusted based on user preferences.

Safety Lock Stronger magnet and special lamp track locking system is used to make sure the lamp and track can join firmly. 

Slow glow Features a glowing effect rather than an instant light on to make your eyes more comfortable when turning lights on even from the wall switch! (When used with app or remote to turn off, this effect is present too).  Set the gradient to your liking conveniently on the app!


  • Easy Quick Change Fixture
  • Soft Glow ON Feature (Wall switch and App)
  • Safety Button (ensure fitting secured, avoid falling off)
  • Dimmable
  • Adjustable Colour (3 tones) CCT
  • Mobile App WIFI Control(Android/iOS)
  • CRI>90
  • Remote Access
  • Requires a Zigbee Bridge/Hub/Gateway(Sold Separately)AI Voice Control Ready (Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa)


Fitting Colours Available:

Matt Black 

Matt White



This System May Require Professional Setup & Installations.  Contact us for more info!



Model No.: Saturn Series 26

Wattage: Various

Input: 170-265V~, 50-60Hz

Output: 48V

LED source: BridgeLUX/TD

Fittings and Bulbs are sold separately unless otherwise stated

Dimension: Various

Material: Die Casting Aluminum/Resin

Base Tracks & Fittings: 

Surface Mount Tracks (Length : 1 M) W26*H6mm

Recessed Tracks BType (Length : 1 M) W56*H6mm

Recessed Tracks DType (Length : 1 M) W67*H35mm

Straight Connector 

90 degree Horizontal/Vertical Connector

T Type Connector (for sm tracks)

Cross Connector (for sm tracks)

48V Driver (200W) L230*W26*H24

48V Driver (100W) L210*W26*H24

Wire Box (For Surface Mount Driver) L100*W26*H29

Input Module (for external driver only)60*26*15 (Wire Length 260mm)

Straight Power Connector 150*26*15

Corner Power Connector 290*26*15 (Wire Length 170mm)

Corner Sets (90°/cross/T/Vertical/Horizontal Connectors)

Light (LED) Fixtures: (Dimmable Models):

Cast Downlight 24° Beam Angle, tiltable (Wattage : 6 W) W75*H75mm

Trio Downlight 24° Beam Angle (Wattage: 6 W) L122xW26xH55mm

Foldable Flood 110° Beam Angle (Wattage : 10 W) L230*W26*H80mm

Linear 120° Beam Angle (Wattage : 15 W (33cm) / 20 W (60cm))

Grille Linear 24° Beam Angle  (Wattage : 30 W) L555*W26*H24mm

Track Wide Light 150° Beam Angle (Wattage 9W) 95x40mm

Track Round Light 24° Beam Angle (Wattage 9W) 95x30mm

Track Tube 180° Beam Angle  (20 W) 600x25x87mm 

Track Light 24° Beam Angle (Wattage 9W) 44x110mm

Track Double Light  24° Beam Angle (Wattage 9W x 2) 44x110mm 

Suspending Planet Light 180° Beam Angle (Wattage 6W) 100x100mm (cord 670mm)

Suspending Rod Light 24° Beam Angle (Wattage 6W) 30*300mm (cord 670mm)

Remote Control (for Dimming and Colour Change)

Zigbee HUB/Bridge


2 YEARS ONSITE support(Excluding Tracks) for all Residential Installation


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smart Lights

i can change the tones and brightness with my remote! and it looks pretty slick on my ceiling too.

Soh BL
Great recommendation

Awesome recommendations by our good friend Joseph ! We regrets to have engaged 3cubes. The lightings are modern and update to date, unpretentious and reasonable price points. Post sales service was awesome too.