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e c o - a i r x

The company focuses on using state of art technology to improve functionality of their products such as energy saving, silent operation and reverse airflow. With its research and development (R&D) department, it strives to continuously improve and serve their end-consumers. 


Eco-Airx's fan are highly customisable, from motor/blade colors to the blade sizes. Depending on individual household need, end-users can purchase according to their requirement. Be it for the functions or aesthetic looks. The fan blades are treated with anti-static dust treatment and our aluminium housings are all rust-proof. 

Eco-Airx ceiling fan are certified by the Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Safety Mark Registration Scheme to adhere to international safety requirement.


The Simplicity series (S Series) is Eco-AirX first ever series. It features a simple but short down-rod. 

*Unlike the Infinity and Minimalist series, this fan does not come with any silicon hugger.


The Minimalist series (M Series) is our all-time popular design, featuring a no down-rod look with a silicon hugger covering its motor.


The Infinity (i) Series is the most recent release featuring a futuristic down-rod. It uses a NSK bearing, allowing it to generate less heat.

*Unlike the Minimalist series, this fan does not come with any silicon hugger,but a hard ABS hugger.