Product Review: MEGAMAN® Dim to Warm LED Bulb (GU10)


You probably know or would have read about how lighting can affect the overall look and feel of any given space, helping to create certain ambience and achieving specific results like in hotels (cozy and relaxing), retail shops (inviting, sets you in mood to spend, draw attention to specific products) and even in law enforcement facilities (think interrogation room).   With the introduction of LED into the residential space in recent years, we were, suddenly, no longer just buying a bulb, but an elaborate piece of electronic device. 

We use technology to improve and making things better.  This is case, MEGAMAN® created the Dim to Warm range of series of LED that seeks to simulate the dimming characteristics of a traditional tungsten/halogen bulb.  If you are unaware by now, when we dim a tungsten/halogen bulb, at low brightness, the colour output is a warm orange glow.  As we increase the intensity, it gradually achieves a more yellowish glow, somewhat less warm in feel.  Normal LED bulbs that are can be dimmed maintain a constant colour temperature (yellow) through the dimming cycle.  And in some cases, some people may feel that the light source from a LED can be rather harsh, and that the colour temperature does not feel, well, natural.  No longer true with these Dim to Warm LEDs!  You can now bring out the character of your home, achieve that hotel or resort-like ambience to match your mood!

Some of you may also have had unpleasant experience with dimming LED lights as they are known to exhibit some undesired characteristics while dimming- flickering, loud buzzing sound from either the dimmer or the bulb, or even a complete shut off of the bulb at certain intensity.  Fear not, in the case of MEGAMAN products, they have tested their bulbs with a wide range of commonly available dimmers in the market, taking the guess work out of the entire equation and leaving you with only the hassle of choosing which brand to go for.  The complete list can be found readily on their product page. (see further below).  On top of that, we have tried it with Fibaro's Dimmer Relay and it works pretty well too.

We tested with Legrand 281080, which is under the List of Compatible dimmers, and also Legrand 283084 (not in the Compatible list).  The latter has the advantage of an additional 2 WAY Switch which means you have the option to on/off the bulb without having to turn the knob fully like the former.  This also means you are able to switch on  the bulb at the brightness you set before you off the switch- but this is only applicable for brightness level set approximately between 60% - 100%.  




What we like:

- Projects to a wider area at 35 degrees or more
- No need for separate drivers/transformer which needs to be paired correctly.
- Easily replaceable and available in Singapore
- Well-built with no sharp edges
- Tested and proven to work with a list of common dimmer switches in the market
- Smooth, flicker free dimming from almost 0% to 100% (tested with approved dimmer)
- Buzz free operation (although some may still be sensitive to high frequency emitting from dimmer at below 100%)
- Does what it is supposed to do, from 0%(orangey) to 100% (Yellow) colour change
- Apart from this GU10 bulb, they have a wider range of bulbs in the form or E27/E14 fittings
- It’s an LED!

What we thought can be improved:

- Hopefully they will come out with a variety of projection angles other than just 35 degrees.-

Max can only dim up to 6 bulbs per circuit now.


Conclusion:  Great Stuff, works well, and from an established lighting brand.


Model: LR5006wDG-WFL-GU10-2800K
Description: MEGAMAN LED PAR16
Colour Temp: 2800K(at 100%), 1800K(at close to 0%)
Total Luminous Flux: 480Lm
Rated Life: 25,000
Connector Type: GU10
Beam Angle: Wide Flood 35Degrees
Where to use: As spotlight/downlights/track lighting/display
Lighting Type: General/Ambient/Task/Accent Lighting

Availability/Released Date: Sometime in 1H2015, available in SG only in 2016

Testing Equipment: Legrand Mallia Single Gang 60-500W Dimmer (281080 -under compatible list), Legrand Mallia Single Gang 500W Dimmer with 2-Way Switch (283084)

Testing Condition: Tested between 1 to 4 bulbs.

List of approved dimmers:

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