3 Step Dimming LED Bulb

3 Step Dimming LED Bulb

Some call it LED lamp with a 'built-in dimmer'.

In conventional or traditional dimming, you will require a separate dimmer switch to be able to control the brightness of the LED lamp.  

But, in most cases, it is not as simple as replacing the existing on/off switch with a compatible dimmer switch.  One would have to consider if the existing on/off switch to be replaced is a single/double/triple gang switch.  As most dimmer switches available in the market now is a single gang dimmer switch(except of more expensive purpose built dimmers), some planning and considerations are necessary when laying the electrical points.  This, coupled with the intricacy of LED dimming involving matching the LED lamp itself and the dimmer switch, makes LED dimming a much avoided topic in your typical lighting shops.  Some would go as far as declaring that LED dimming is not possible, as the mass market LED lamp manufacturers do not have the capability to invest in the necessary R & D to produce decent dimmable LED products.  On this note, MEGAMAN's latest in-built U-DIM™ technology (Universal Dimming) feature seeks to resolve this issue and ensures almost perfect dimming across a wide range of commercially available dimmers made to dim the older non-LED lamps.

Addressing the gap and the need for a more convenient way of dimming LED lamps, MEGAMAN introduced Step Dimming bulbs to provide a convenient, simple and instant way to adjust the brightness level to 100%, 60% and 20% with the use of any standard (ON/OFF) switch.  In other ways, you need not to replace or rewire any of your existing wall switches already provided by the developers for your new Condo or BTO apartments. 

This new product range is designed to offer you the flexibility to create the perfect mood for any occasion.  With this dimming technology embedded in the LED lamp, users can also enjoy reduced electricity costs when the lamp is dimmed.  

Happy Dimming!

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