Collection: Near (Smart Lighting)

Near is a young Singapore company backed by a strong support network that has very promising products targeted at local home owners who are keen to exploring connected lighting solutions.

The company has painstakingly curated a series of good quality products,that has gone through and met all the mandatory consumer safety requirements (Safety Mark, IMDA standards) with a sweet price point to meet the needs of a general first time smart home user.

Paired with its well designed mobile app, it is meant for non technical home owners who wants something to use straight out of the box.

For local apartments with existing Smart Home Systems like Habitap (powered by SmartThings), there are out of the box connectivity to your estate's mobile app for a seamless control with the rest of your connected home devices.

All Products Are Covered by a 2 years Carry-in Warranty.

Support Local.  Support Singaporean Brand.  We already are, why aren't you?