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Track Lights GU10 Fitting Wood Theme(LED Bulbs and track sold separately) with PHILIPS LED

Track Lights GU10 Fitting Wood Theme(LED Bulbs and track sold separately) with PHILIPS LED

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Our Top Selling BASIC range of Track Lighting (Asian Type) in Singapore!

Product Features:

      • Compact Design
      • Easy to replace LED bulbs (any brands GU10 PAR16)
      • No need for separate driver/transformer
      • No heavy and oversized base (flexibility in placement)
      • Beam Angle is 35° unless otherwise stated
      • Paired with PHILIPS® LED bulbs
      • Suitable to use with PHILIPS Hue & INNR GU10 Smart & IoT Bulbs, and many other GU10 type bulbs
      • Dimming (requires external dimmer) (Optional)
      • Colour Changing (2 tones or 3 Tones) (Optional)
      • Voice Control (Optional)

INNR Colour Changing LED bulbs featured here are for illustration only.  They may be purchased separately HERE!




Step 1:  Select the bulb type (higher lumen(lm) = higher brightness)

Step 2:  Select fitting colour 

Step 3:  Select Colour Temperature of Bulb (Warm/Cool/Day)

Step 4:  Confirm Quantity

Step 5:  Add to Cart

Step 6:  If you need accompanying tracks, click HERE for tracks.

Step 7:  If you need dimmer (For Linear Dimming), click HERE for Dimmer.



1. Is it possible to add or remove track lights from track easily?

Answer: Yes, with this Wood Theme Fitting, it is one of the easiest. 


2. Is there different wattage of bulbs?

Answer: Yes, we presume you are concerned about brightness, choose the bulb with highest LUMENS (lm) for the brightest.


3. Is it possible to change colour temperature without rewiring or additional device?

Answer: Yes, choose the Philips Hue SceneSwitch to toggle between Warm White and Daylight(a.k.a Cool Light).


4. Is it possible to switch between 3 colour temperature?

Answer: Yes, choose the Philips Hue or Innr Bulbs to achieve 16 million colours and also do dimming and many more! If you need to order this, please contact us directly.


5. Is it possible to control the brightness (a.k.a Dimming)?

Answer: Yes, choose the dimmable bulb and also include a separate dimmer switch, you need dimming without dimmer switch, opt for the MEGAMAN bulbs


6. Is it possible to use voice control to control the lights?

Answer: Yes, choose the Philips Hue or Innr Bulbs to work with Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant or SIRI(Apple HomeKit).  If you need to order this, please contact us directly.



Fitting Colours Available:

Dark Wood

Light Wood


Available Single Colour Temperature available now:

Warm White(2700K) - 380 lumens

Warm White(2700K) Dimmable- 405 lumens

Cool White(4000K) - 420 lumens

Cool White(4000K) Dimmable- 405 lumens

Daylight (6500K) - 420 lumens

Warm White(2700K) -Daylight (6500K) [SCENESWITCH 2 Tones] - 405 lumens


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Model No: Wood Theme 

Wattage: 4.7W/5W(SceneChange)/5W(dimmable)

Input: 220-240V~, 50-60Hz

Fittings and Bulbs are sold separately unless otherwise stated

Dimension: 83((base) x 53(Diameter) x 150(Height when pointed down)mm

Adjustable Angle: Vertical (160°), Horizontal(340°) 

Material: Metal (Powder Coated/Laminate)


Bulbs rated at 15000K Operating Hours carry a 1 year warranty (Carry-in to shop)


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Good and Afforable

Mr Tan

Better than most other shops

Mr Tan

Better than most other shops

Hee Hwee
Nice design

Easy to use and reasone pricing


Very Unique and affordable track lights.