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Dimmer Switch A(2) for LED

Dimmer Switch A(2) for LED

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RLC + LED dimmer Rotary dimmer without neutral 

Conform to BS EN 60669-2-1 100-240 VA for all types of dimmable bulbs:

- dimmable LED: 5 to 75 W (10 bulbs max.)

- dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs: 5 to 75 W (10 bulbs max.)

- fluorescent tube with ballast: 5 to 300 VA

- halogen and incandescent: 5 to 300 W

- electronic or ferromagnetic transformers: 5 to 300 VA When switched on, gradually (2 seconds) lights up at the level set before last switch off


Brand: Legrand (FRANCE)

Series: Mallia

2 810 86

Availability: Pre Order Required


    Colours Available:

    White (Complete with Changeable Frame)



    ON/OFF with knob (On and Off by pressing, brightness control by turning)

    Dimension: 86 x 86 mm





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