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Yeelight Remote Control

Yeelight Remote Control

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Yeelight Remote Control
Be the Master of Light
*Compatible with Yeelight LED Ceiling Light via BLE (not for use with E27 bulbs and Aurora light strip)
Runs on Battery(CR2032)


Yeelight Singapore Threecubes

Yeelight Remote Control SG 



Enjoy Real Convenience

A Mobile Alternative to Wall Switch and APP With Yeelight Remote Control, turning on and off, adjusting lighting comes with ease. Also try out Cozy Moonlight Mode. Yeelight Remote Control brings you a brand new experience of lighting.

Yeelight Remote Control Singapore


Lighting for Your Need Designed for Your Convenience
Adjusting brightness and colour temperature at a touch of your finger tip. Enjoy lighting with Yeelight Remote Control. Good lighting comes with convenience.

 Yeelight Singapore Remote Control

Simple Design, Easy Control
Unlike traditional remote controls, Yeelight Remote Control is a design of minimalism. Drop your manuals, just follow the icons. Small enough for children and elderly to control with single hand.

 Yeelight Singapore Threecubes Singapore

Lower Power Consumption Longer Stand-By
Designed with μA low power consumption, fulfill 12 months of usage (40 times daily). Equipped with push back cover, changing battery becomes so easy.
Yeelight Threecubes Singapore

-Authorised Local Reseller with Full Agent Support & Warranty(online registration required) 

-Certified for Use in Singapore

-Original & Authentic YEELIGHT

-1 Year Carry- In Warranty





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