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Track Lights SMART (Voice & App Control)

Track Lights SMART (Voice & App Control)

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Colour (Fitting)

Our Top Selling SMART range of Track Lighting (Asian Type) in Singapore!

Product Features:

      • Compact Design
      • Easy to replace LED bulbs (any brands GU10 PAR16)
      • No need for separate driver/transformer
      • No heavy and oversized base (flexibility in placement)
      • Beam Angle is 35° unless otherwise stated
      • Dimming/Brightness Adjustable from 0 - 100%
      • Colour Changing (16 Million Colours including Warm-Cool-Day)
      • Voice Control (Optional)
      • Copper Cap (Optional) 
      • No Hub/No Bridge/Just WIFI (2.4Ghz)
      • No Subcription





Step 1:  Select fitting colour 

Step 2:  Confirm Quantity

Step 3:  Add to Cart

Step 4:  If you need accompanying tracks, click HERE for tracks.



1. Is it possible to add or remove track lights from track easily?

Answer: Yes, with this BASIC Fitting, it is one of the easiest. 


2. Is there different wattage of bulbs?

Answer: No, currently the fitted 5w Bulb is able to provide up to 350lumens.


3. Is it possible to change colour temperature without rewiring or additional device?

Answer: Yes, all you need is your voice, mobile phone and WIFI (2.4 Ghz Only).


4. Is it possible to switch between 3 colour temperature?

Answer: Yes, the common 3 tones (Warm/Cool/Daylight) plus all the 16 million colours and also do dimming and many more!


5. Is it possible to control the brightness (a.k.a Dimming)?

Answer: Yes, there is no need to rewire or reconfigure your existing wiring!


6. Is it possible to use voice to control the lights?

Answer: Yes, you may do so using the App itself (free for download) or work with Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant.  If you need to order this, please contact us directly.


7. Is it hot if i install too many all over my rooms?

Answer: Nope! LED are the most energy efficient type of light source currently.  Unlike the old halogen bulbs which emit 80% heat but only 20% light, these LED bulbs emit 20% heat and the rest of 80% light!


8. Can i remotely control the lights, say i am outside and i forgot to turn them off?

Answer: Yes! As long as you are connected to the Internet.


9. Can i schedule what time to on and off automatically?

Answer: Yes! you can set schedules via the app, or your preferred voice assistance.


10. Can i control each track light individually?

Answer: Yes! You get to name each light and control them individually or as a group.




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Model No: SMART

Wattage: 5W

Dimension: 77((base) x 53(Diameter) x 150(Height when pointed down)mm

Adjustable Angle: Vertical (160°), Horizontal(340°) 

Material: Metal (Powder Coated)


Bulbs rated at 15000K Operating Hours carry a 1 year warranty (Carry-in to shop)


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Customer Reviews

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John W
Great tracks lights

Easy to set up and use. Very functional for modern homes.

Keith Lee

Works out of the box and with good support. Thanks

Easy to setup

Quality and easy to use. Will buy more