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Aeotec SmartThings V3

Aeotec SmartThings V3

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Works as a SmartThings Hub

Your Smart Home needs a brain. With the Aeotec Smart Home Hub you can connect Z-Wave, Zigbee or Wi-Fi devices, which are Works with SmartThings certified. All these devices are connected directly to the Hub and can be controlled and managed dead easy.

Connect things. Control things. Schedule things. Smartly

Aeotec Works with SmartThings

Explore the endless possibilities of the Aeotec Works with SmartThings portfolio. Connect sensors with actuators to switch on lights automatically, when there is movement. Or you receive a push message if someone opens the window unauthorized. Home automation can be experienced on a new level thanks to the compatibility of the Aeotec products with the SmartThings app.

Thousands of smart connections

Modern homes are full of electronics. Compatible with thousands of devices from hundreds of brands, it's its broad compatibility which makes Aeotec Smart Home Hub and the SmartThings platform so powerful. Whether for audio systems or security systems, smart lighting or smarter heating, Aeotec Smart Home Hub helps you build a smart home perfectly personalised to you and your family’s needs.

One app to control them all

Which ever device you connect, which ever routine you automate, you can control them all via the SmartThings app.

Available for Android and both Apple's iOS and iPadOS, the SmartThings app empowers you can quickly create routines and automations, connect new devices, control everything connected, and receive notifications when activities occur within your home.




Color: White

Finish: Glossy

Material: Plastic


Product: 4.72" x 1.16" x 4.72" (W x H x D)

Box: 5.80" x 3.08" x 5.80" (W x H x D)


Product: 0.55lbs

Box: 1.41lbs


Power Source: AC100-240V, 50-60 Hz

Z-Wave Frequency: 868.42Mhz (EU)

Operating Temperature: 0 - 14°C

Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

Works with

  • Samsung smartphones running Android 5.0 or later (For non-samsung devices, Android 6.0 or later is recommended. Some features may be restricted on Android 5.0 devices)
  • iPhone 6 and later with iOS 10.0 and above
Aeotec SmartThings V3 User Manual




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