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PO Eco BLIZZARD 01 (54 inch) SERIES (WHITE Hugger) (Smart WIFI)

PO Eco BLIZZARD 01 (54 inch) SERIES (WHITE Hugger) (Smart WIFI)

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Blade Colour
Light Kit

Blizzard Series features an anodized aluminum hugger that measures only 22cm from the ceiling to the base of the fan to offer you maximum headroom while ensuring optimal performance.

High CRI U Ultra Bright light kit (optional) mimicking natural light source with 90% accuracy & reveals the colours of object faithfully to true appearance

Elevated Pitch Angle Increased angle to generate air foil

A.B.S Blade Unbreakable Material and Able to Withstand 100 x the intended weight 


White Hugger(Motor)


Smart WIFI Model:

1) Mobile App Control (Free Download)

2) Standard Remote Control (included)

3) AI Voice Control Ready (External Voice device Google Home/Amazon Echo/Tmall may be required)

4) NO additional device like HUB/BRIDGE required



Po Eco Fan, a unique and comprehensive range of ceiling fans offering different characteristic of elegant design featuring Anti Static blades to reduce dust concentration.

This model further features a low base hugger profile design especially suited for low ceilings in Singapore while ensuring maximum wind delivery.


Height without LED kit :220mm

Height with LED kit :250mm



  • Energy saving (Using 80% less electricity)
  • Strong and powerful (Bring down temperature rapidly)
  • Silent operation (No noise generated)
  • Reverse air flow (Circulates the surrounding air by reversing the direction of the air flow)
  • Auto circulating mode (Automatically allows circulation of air every two hours to allow constant air circulation)
  • Remote Control (6 Speed)
  • Dimming Control
  • Sleeping mode (Mimics the quality of natural wind)
  • Anti-static coating (To lower amount of dust bust build up)
  • Safety (The ceiling fan will automatically stop when it hits something while in operation
  • NSK Bearing Motor (Originated from Japan)
  • OSRAM LED (If applies)


*Installation on Concrete Ceiling (< 3M) inclusive

Concrete Ceiling Installation would also be provided by our authorized technician. False Ceiling installation would require a top up. For installation by external contractor, 2 Years On-Site and Installation Warranty would not be provided


If you need to install on false ceiling, please add the following Top Up option to the cart.



1.If i buy more than 3 units can i get a better price?

A: SURE! we are happy you like our products, please contact us for more info!


2.Why buy here and not Shopee/Lazada?

A : These online platform charges extra for delivery and do not offer good bulk discount if you buy more.  Also, of late there are many unauthorised sellers who are selling without valid warranty coverage and post sales support, we like to disassociate ourselves with them.




10 Years Motor & Bearing

5 Years Osram LED Light Kit (if applicable)

2 Years Remote Control & Driver

2 Years On-Site & Installation (Installation by Point One Technology authorized technician only)


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