PointOne (PO Eco) Smart Fans FAQ


1.Is there any requirement for the smart phone?

A:Yes. Android 4.4. and above, iOS 8 and above, Wi-Fi enabled.  Mobile application is available for download for free on Google PLAYSTORE and Apple APP Store.


2.Any Subscription required for the smart features to work?

A:NO. Just need to ensure a valid 2.4Ghz Wifi coverage.  (Does not work on 5Ghz Wifi)


3.Any other devices required for voice control?

A:You may choose to use the voice control available in the app, or choose to download and use Google Assistant.  You may also choose to purchase a separate Voice Assistant like Google Home Mini, etc to be placed at the area in which you like to activate by voice control.  


4.Can the light kit be controlled by mobile phone or voice control too?

A:YES. Colour Temperature (from Warm White to Daylight) can be adjustable directly without toggling the light kit on/off.  Control can be done by indicating the CCT tones directly (i.e. Warm White), or be indicating the CCT values (in percentage from 0 to 100%).


5.Can the fan and the light kit be controlled separately?

A:YES. Both will be identified as separate devices that may individually controlled or as a group.


6.Can the fan and the light kit have last state memory?

A:YES.  In other words you can be assured that both the fan and light is able to retain its last state before it was being turned off (even at the wall switch)


7.So how different is it from a normal ceiling fan made "smart" by any external RF devices, e.g Broadlink ?

A:Quite a few, for starters, you are unable to control the light kit advanced function (changing of tone and brightness) on a RF type solution.  You are also not able to have a stateful feedback on your mobile app.  Last but not least, not all ceiling fans are suitable for external RF type solutions.


8.Am i able to change the light kit myself in the event it is faulty?

A:YES, but as with most electrical appliances, unless you are comfortable handling wires and connectors, it is recommended you leave it with the pros.  Cyclone Light kit currently comes default with a comprehensive 5 years warranty (first 2 years are onsite).  


9.If i buy more than 3 units can i get a better price?

A:SURE! we are happy you like our products, please contact us for more info!