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LED Round 8988/8989 (12w/18w) Downlights (Removable Frame) with Safety Mark Driver

LED Round 8988/8989 (12w/18w) Downlights (Removable Frame) with Safety Mark Driver

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Why do you need a downlight that has a removable frame you may ask.  Well if you are new to LED downlights you probably wouldn't be aware that replacing one isn't exactly like how we used to simply remove a cover, remove the bulb and replacing it with a new one.   Most, if not all LED downlights currently available in the market,  requires you to remove the entire fitting from your false ceiling in order to gain access to the lamp or the drivers in order to replace it.  Doing it incorrectly would mean damage to your false ceiling, or perhaps even worst, injury to oneself.  Now multiply it by the number of downlights you have at home.  So unless you intend to engage someone else to do it every time your downlights fails, we have the solution to this problem.

Follow the video link here to view a video on how easy it is to remove the LED panel for replacement in the future.




Colour Temp: Warm White(2800K)/Cool White(4000K)/DayLight(6000K)

Casing/Frame Finishing: Off-White

Material: Metal frame Powder Coated, Plastic Diffuser



Round: (Available in 13W & 18W)

ø145mm, H:36mm, Cut Out size: ø133mm

ø170mm, H:36mm, Cut Out size: ø158mm 

Power: 220-240V only


Separate LED Driver (Included), Singapore Safety Mark Approved

12 months warranty (Carry-in), supported locally


Also Available in Round shape (18W only)

For Purchase in Bulk (10 pieces & beyond), kindly contact us for preferential price (terms & conditions applies)




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