COVID 19 Updates

As a result of escalating situation surrounding COVID 19 worldwide, our stock holdings for various products has been slowly depleting as a result of the drop in factory output coupled with the various supply chain challenges that have also affected many other industries.

We only hope and expect the situation to normalise come April/May 2020.

In view of that, we seek our customers' understanding that some products may require a longer than expected lead time once our stocks run out locally.  

Following the recovery of the production and resumption of the logistics industry, we are expecting a sizeable backlog in the early months.

We hereby encourage all our customers to work with us early by confirming your orders ahead of the supply crunch in the weeks to come, especially those who require their deliveries to be in March/April.

At the same time, we seek your understanding and your cooperation in managing the delivery for some items that may have met with the supply issues.

We wish for everyone to stay safe and let's beat this virus together!



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