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Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller

Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller

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The Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller is a Z-Wave device that can both control other Z-Wave devices and activate predefined scenes in an IP gateway. Although it is controlling other devices, the Wall Controller cannot act as Z-Wave network controller (primary or secondary) and will always need a Z-Wave network controller to be included into a Z-Wave network. The device can be used in different modes that are selected by configuration parameters:

  • Control of groups of other Z-Wave devices using 'ON', 'OFF' and Dim commands.
  • Activation of predefined scenes in Gateways or other Z-Wave devices.

The wall controller must be completed by a mounting frame, the wall switch frame and a rocker. They are not scope of delivery of this device. This device support secure communication when included by a controller that also supports secure communication. The device will then send all commands as secure commands unless the receiving device can not accept them. Then the command is send the normal way automatically. The device will be completed with different designs of wall frame and rockers.


4 Button Configuration:

  • Button 1 - Confirmation of re-inclusion or exclusion attempt
  • Button 2 - Sends node information frame and wake up notification
  • Button 3 - Factory default reset
  • Button 4 - Association mode to assign devices to one of the four associations
Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller S2 Quick Start Guide (Size: 492 KB)




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