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Yeelight LED GU10 Spot Light (Dimmable White)

Yeelight LED GU10 Spot Light (Dimmable White)

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Special 4 Piece Pack
Beyond lighting, pleasant lighting
Ideal of Singapore homes with false ceiling/L Boxes/Cove/Box Up
Smart Lighting for Truer Colors
High Color Rendering

Smart Control Features | Insect Proof and Dust Proof Design

  • Dimmable
  • Warm White 2700K
  • Mobile App WIFI Control(Android/iOS)
  • WiFi Enabled (2.4GHz)
  • Remote Access
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • 4.8 watts
  • 350 Lumens
  • Beam Angle 36°
  • AI Voice Control Ready (Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Mi Home 

Yeelight Singapore Threecubes

Voice Control
It can be remote controlled via the Yeelight App or Mi Home App. Crystal Plus also supports intelligent voice control; you will have maximum convenience and access to your lighting by syncing Crystal Plus with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT.
Yeelight Remote Control SG


Smart Features and Integration
It can be synced with various smart devices to work together for your convenience. For example, when synced with the Mi Band, It can be set to automatically turn off when the Mi Band detects that you have fallen asleep.
Insect Proof Design
Its insect proof design ensures the light tightly sealed, and also prevents dust from getting in to, no more worrying about things getting inside of the light and brings extra trouble in cleaning.


Product Name: Yeelight LED GU10 bulb (W1)
Product Shape: Round
Colour Temperature: adjustable colour temperature 2700K
Brightness: adjustable brightness 350lm 
Rated Power: 4.8W
Smart Control: App control, voice control
Product Colour: White
Dimension:  ø50 * 54 mm 
Beam Angle: 36 °
Dimming Range: 5% to 100% of rated input: 220v~50Hz



-Authorised Local Reseller with Full Agent /Manufacturers' Support & Warranty(online registration required) 

-Certified for Use in Singapore (iDA Approved)

-Original & Authentic YEELIGHT

-1+1 Year Carry- In Warranty



1.Is there any requirement for the smart phone?

A:Yes. Android 4.4. and above, iOS 8 and above, Wi-Fi enabled.


2.Can I adjust colour temperature of the ceiling light?

A:No, you can only adjust the brightness level of the light within the 2700k tone.  The colour temperature tone changeable model will be announced on a later date.


3.What’s the power of the ceiling light?

A:5 w


4.What’s the operating voltage?

A:220V~50Hz,Singapore Standard Voltage.


5.Is there an independent software for App control ?

A:Yes.For the moment, besides using Xiaomi Smart Home APP,you can also use independent Yeelight APP to control your light.


6.Can this light connect to two or above smart phones?

A:Yes. This light supports sharing and can connect to several smart phones. There’s no limitation of the number.


7.Can one smart phone connect to several ceiling lights?

A:Yes.There’s no limitation of the number.


8.How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and smart phone?

A:There’s no limitation, as long as your smart phone and the ceiling light both are under Wifi environment.


9:How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and router?

A:Within 30 meters(no block).


10.Does the ceiling light support firmware upgrade?

A:Yes.When new firmware released, you can upgrade the light through setting the option of Check the Firmware Update in the APP.


11.Does the ceiling light support Light Off Delay?

A:Yes. Just through setting the option of Turn Off Delay in the APP, the time range is from 1 to 60 mins.


12.Does it support controlling several ceiling light at the same time?

A:Yes. Through setting the option of Recreate Light Group in the APP, you can take several ceiling light into one light group to control together.


13:Is there any requirement for routers?

A:No, all brands of routers with Wi-Fi enabled are supported.


14:Is there a separate remote control/dimmer ?

A:No, currently it is not supported.  Only Mobile App is available now.




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