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Wiser Zigbee to IP Network Hub

Wiser Zigbee to IP Network Hub

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Wiser Zigbee to IP Network Hub is a communications interface that can be used to connect Wiser Zigbee devices into its Zigbee 3.0 mesh network, empowering the management of the environment through the Wiser by SE App.

The hub communicates to the cloud via Ethernet or Wifi through the a modem or router, allowing its users to remotely monitor and manage their premises from a remote location.

Using the Wiser by SE App, users can combine the settings of one or more Wiser devices together to form Moments or Automations. Operate a Moment manually whenever desired, or set up an Automation and specify conditions to trigger the devices. Moments are triggered manually and Automations are triggered by events.

It supports voice control and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Tmall Genie.


  • Ethernet network type: IEEE 802.3
  • WLAN network type: 2.4 GHz conforming to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Zigbee network type: 2.4 GHz conforming to IEEE 802.15.4
  • Port Ethernet: 10/100BASE
  • Connector types: 1 x micro USB port female for adaptor / 1 x 2-pin terminal block for 12 V DC power supply
  • Electrical connection: Cable, 0.25…1.5 mm² / AWG 24...AWG 16 (terminal)
  • Rated supply voltage: 5V DC 1A / 12V DC 0.5A
  • Realtime clock:With RTC-battery set
  • Local signalling: Indicator: 3 LEDs (white)
  • Dimensions: 86mm(width), 86mm(height), 34mm(depth)
  • Ambient air temperature for operation: 0…40 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10…90%
  • Environmental characteristic: Indoor Use
  • IP degree of protection: IP20
  • Product certifications: CE
  • Standards: EN 62368-1, IEC 62368-1


2 years carry-in one on one replacement

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