U-DIM™ Technology from MEGAMAN

U-DIM™ Technology from MEGAMAN

Dimming LED has always been a pain for both home owners and traditional lighting shops, that is, until MEGAMAN introduced U-DIM™ (Universal Dimming) Technology which takes the headache out of switching to dimmable LED.

Megaman U-DIM™ dimmable LEDs are compatible with the widest range of existing dimmers, whether they are leading-edge or trailing edge dimmers. With the main voltage halogen reflector lamps being phased out in the EUR from 1st September 2016, users will need new lamps to operate perfectly with their existing dimmers and this universal dimming solution by Megaman is a giant step in that direction. U-DIM™ LEDs are easy to use and it is possible to ‘plug-and-play’ to upgrade a lighting scheme.

Megaman U-DIM™ technology is offered as a standard feature on Megaman Hybrid Reflector LEDs. Megaman U-DIM™ LEDs also offer superior performance, flicker-free dimming from 100% right down to just 5%; when combined with the company’s latest Dim to Warm technology it is possible to have the same warmth as halogen when dimmed, ensuring a cosy ambience.


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