THREECUBES Online Accepts BitCoin, LiteCoin & DogeCoin now

THREECUBES Online Accepts BitCoin, LiteCoin & DogeCoin now

As a forward looking entity, Threecubes, in keeping up with the latest technology in alternative payment, has started to accept online payment through GOCOIN.

This new payment mode is only available for online purchase currently and it can be used alongside other existing payment services, like Bank Deposit and PayPal.

The main features are:

  • Customers from around the world can check out with digital currency.
  • The currency works just like cash.
  • Transactions are secure and meet the highest standards for ecommerce security.


So What is Bitcoin?

Many people have heard of Bitcoin.  It is widely recognised as the first cryptocurrency. Simply put, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network that people use to send payments from one person to another and it’s also a digital currency (also called Bitcoin).  There are other emerging cryptocurrencies like Litecoin & Ripple otherwise known as Altcoins.  The bitcoin network functions without the intermediation of a central authority. The managing of transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.  Lost yet?

Here's a video that might help:



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