Smart LED Strips for your Kitchen Top!

Smart LED Strips for your Kitchen Top!

Kitchen Under Cabinet Light Threecubes

Kitchen Cabinet LED tape strip lighting Singapore

       Invest in an under cabinet tape/strip light, it does wonders to your kitchen


Finally, this one is for all the hardworking lords of the kitchen!

Your kitchen need not be an uninspiring space!


Problem Now

Often, home owners only place their attention on fixing up the ceiling lights, neglecting task lightings that are necessary to aid the occupants in performing daily tasks. 

Kitchen Ceiling Light blocked by User

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This problem becomes apparent when we perform the tasks back facing and blocking out any light directly from the source above our heads.

While it will be easy heading to the electronic store to grab a table lamp for the study table, it may not be practical to buy a table lamp to place it on the kitchen top.


Solution Available Now!

By simply introducing a light source underneath your kitchen cabinet, it will change the way your kitchen looks, transforming the kitchen top into a more practical workspace.  And what's more, it looks good even without the main ceiling lights on!

Kitchen without LED strip ThreecubesKitchen with LED Strip


Adding a little more fun

For Smarter LED Strip that comes with a mobile app or voice assistant, you can do at least one of the following:


1/4: Change Colours-

What's life without a little of fun and colours!  With SMART LED strips,  there will never be a dull moment in your kitchen!  Set the lights to match your mood on the fly!

Threecubes LED Strip Kitchen Cabinet Red

Threecubes Kitchen Cabinet LED Green

Threecubes Kitchen Cabinet LED Smart BLUE


2/4: Dimming Control & Auto On/Off-

Control the brightness at your finger tips.  Also, program the lights to come on automatically when sunsets.  Approaching bedtime, when it reaches your preset time, it will go off by itself.

Dimmable LED Strip Threecubes Lighting Singapore

Dimmable LED Strip Threecubes Lighting Singapore


3/4: Voice Control-

Already have Apple SIRI (Home Kit), Google Assistant or Amazon Echo? Use it to do all of the above without having to lift a fnger!



4/4: Motion Sensor-

With a little but more planning, you may also add sensors to sense motion and presence, for instance, in the middle of the night, when someone approaches the kitchen, the lights will come on automatically, and later switch off when there is no one around.


Check out our Smart LED Strip PROMO for use Under Cabinets in the kitchen or Study/Work desk. 

If you are new to Smart Lighting or planning to embark on a smart home journey, read this




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