Covid 19 Update 2


Hooray! We are finally able to attend to customers at our Studio on 19/06/20 Friday from 1:30pm onwards.

As part of the ongoing safety measures, we will only attend up to max 5 customers from the same group in the studio.  

Customers are required to register via the SafeEntry QR code at the door and also practise safe distancing where possible when inside the shop.

Our Studio will continue to operate strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We encourage all customers to make an appointment with us (through WhatsApp or via our online APPOINTMENT BOOKING to avoid unnecessary delays in being attended to.

We continue to encourage all customers to consider opting for Shop From Home (SFH) through video calls instead of meeting in person for consultation:

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See you soon! 


We are nearing the end of our Circuit Breaker, we hope everyone is coping well.

To all our friends who are still holding on to their keys to their new home, we understand your anxiety in wanting to start or resume your renovations.

As you may be aware, we are still unable to attend to any customers at our studio or at our customer's premises.

Many of our suppliers and business partners are also not operational during this period.

Come 2nd June, the above seems unlikely to change, owing partially to the lack of manpower as a result of certain restrictions, both domestic and from neighbouring countries.

That said, we are hopeful, that in the coming days the authorities will be able to relax the safety measures and allow certain works to resume.

During this period, many have come to appreciate the need for good and functional lightings & ceiling fans as everyone spent more time in the comfort of our homes.

Having good lightings also help in setting the right moods besides creating a conducive and harmonious environment for everyone, at the same time catering to all the different tasks at hand.  

Many have also come to realise that having quality, reliable and easy to maintain products outweighs the short term advantage of having cheap and untested (usually inferior) ones.

Moving forward, we are expected to continue spending more time working, studying and learning from home.

To prepare ourselves for the future, lighting will play an even greater and more significant part of our daily lives, as we set ourselves up against, god forbid, similar threats that may again confine us to the comfort of our homes.



We may not be able to meet you face to face, but that does not stop us from helping you get what you need!

Since before the start of the Circuit Breaker, we have implemented our SHOP FROM HOME (SFH) mode of consultation online via means of video and voice call.  Till date we have helped various customers to continue shopping for their needs in the comfort of their homes, getting ready all the necessary items on standby to resume their renovation journey once given the green light.

We have since added ZOOM as a mode of communication, along with WhatsApp or whichever technology within our means to conduct an effective online shopping experience.

Click Here to Make An Online Appointment With Us Now!



We understand the need to be cost effective during this difficult times, therefore we will be coming up with exciting bundles for smart lightings and ceiling fans with TOUCH FREE controls, Eyes Safe LED lightings that promotes healthier eyes for prolong reading, health related lighting products and many more!  Stay Tune!!

While all these are being prepared for you, we seek your understanding and your patience that our responses during this period may be slower than usual.

We wish for everyone to stay safe and here's wishing our Muslim Friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA PUASA! 


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