Smart Condos In Singapore, how smart are they?

Habitap, HiLife, Vida, Fibaro, ZWave, what exactly are they?

More & more new condominiums (Jadescape, Riverfront Residences, The Tre Ver, Mont Botanik etc) that are expected to launch here will be marketed as smart condos or feature some kind of smart, connected living concepts.

Exactly how "smart" are these units?

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What exactly is a smart condo?
A condo is said to be smart when it includes a set of automated management techniques applied to the property (comfort, security, communication), this system being referred to as home automation.


Usually, these developments allow you to interact with the common facilities- like multi purpose rooms, gym room access, booking of tennis courts,etc via a residents' mobile app.  Your intercom and visitors access are also integrated into this app.


What about inside my unit?
The developer will issue some gadgets to the owner during the key collection.  Most common found is a Smart Gateway.  This device needs to be setup in order to control some Smart appliances that are already installed in the unit, most commonly air-con, digital door lock and IP camera/smoke detector.  
Vida by Fermax Threecubes


What about my lights, switches, ceiling fans and curtains/blinds?
In some cases, the developer will offer some additional services to include other appliances mentioned above, at times offered with a subscription, and additional fees or top up is required to commission new devices.


What other things can i explore to make my home smart?
1.  LED Lights
2.  Ceiling Fans
3.  Wall Switches/Heater Switches
4.  Curtains, Blinds & Zip Curtains
5.  Sensors (motion, lux, temperature, gas, smoke,etc)
6.  Kitchen Hob & Hood

7.  Clothes/Laundry hanging System

Are just some of the examples you may consider to create a connected home.


How do i integrate the rest of the devices, how do i know if they are compatible?
The last thing you want is to end up with multiple non compatible devices or having to launch multiple mobile applications that do not share the same platform and unable to work with one another. 


You can start by finding out what Gateway (VIDA by FERMAX, Smart Things by Samsung are some examples) you have been issued and what condo application (HiLife, Habitap etc) you will be using as a resident.

 hilife smart lights ceiling fans singaporehabitap smart lights ceiling fans singaporevida fermax smart lights ceiling fans Singapore

If you are the techie type, find out what protocol they are running on, Zwave or Zigbee,etc, just to name a few.
Zigbee Zwave VIDA Fermax Singapore CondoFibaro Singapore


My ID is not familiar with smart homes.  Where can i find out more?

Unlike most traditional lighting shops, we have worked extensively with the developers and their iCondo application providers for the last few years, The Gardens Residence, Kandis Residences, Stirling Residences, The Tapestry, Parc Colonial, Parc Esta, Twin Vew, The Visioniaire, Whistler Grand, The Hyde, etc just to name a few.  We be happy to share with you how you may fully optimise your smart home experience!


Any Group Buy for my estate?

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