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Yeelight Smart Dimmer (Wireless Version)

Yeelight Smart Dimmer (Wireless Version)

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Yeelight Smart Dimmer (Works only with Yeelight LED)
Be the Master of Light
*Compatible with Yeelight LED Ceiling Light via BLE
No need rewiring 
Runs on Battery


Yeelight Singapore Threecubes



Wireless Connection: BLE 4.2
Standby Time: 3 years
Battery Type: CR2032


Enjoy Real Convenience

A Mobile Alternative to Wall Switch and APP With Yeelight Smart Dimmer, turning on and off, adjusting lighting comes with ease with colour temperature adjustment. Yeelight dimmer brings you a brand new experience of lighting.


Lighting for Your Need Designed for Your Convenience
Adjusting brightness and colour temperature at a touch of your finger tip. Enjoy lighting with Yeelight Dimmer. Good lighting comes with convenience.


Simple Design, Easy Control
Unlike traditional remote controls, Yeelight Dimmer is a design of minimalism. Drop your manuals, just follow the icons. Small enough for children and elderly to control with single hand.
Easy application with HOOK&LOOP
High reliability sustaining 50,000 times of pressing


Lower Power Consumption Longer Stand-By
Designed with μA low power consumption, fulfill 12 months of usage (40 times daily). Equipped with push back cover, changing battery becomes so easy.




-Authorised Local Reseller with Full Agent Support & Warranty(online registration required) 

-Certified for Use in Singapore

-Original & Authentic YEELIGHT

-1 Year Carry- In Warranty





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