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SIMON is a 100 years Company based out of SPAIN.  

Simon Holdings, established in Spain 1916, is a worldwide holding group boasting the leading position in European's switch manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, Simon Holdings has 12 production centres around the world, with a workforce totaling 15,000 people.In Simon we always care and pay attention to the changes of people’s habitat and adapt our products accordingly.

Multi-gang Design.  Switches and Sockets have multi-gang frame with different combination.  There is no gap between different modules, which emphasizes the visual expression of design.

Choose from the basic M3, E6 series to the top of the range I7 series.

Threecubes is the official online partner for SIMON smart solutions in Singapore.

All our SIMON switches are fully compliant with the mandatory Safety Mark when applicable, ensuring your safety and financial piece of mind.

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