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Installation Services (Ceiling Fans) - Three Cubes Lightings (Singapore)

Installation Services (Ceiling Fans)

  • $75.00 SGD

We provide installation services for Ceiling Fans in Singapore.

We strongly recommend Ceiling Fans with locally approved Safety Mark that comes with comprehensive local warranty and support.

In the event you have a ceiling fan that is not purchased from us, please note that we may refuse to provide any installation services for them.  In the event that we agree to install these products, please ensure that all the complete installation guides and tools are made available during the installation, otherwise, any additional trips for our electricians to return shall incur additional charges.

Please note the following prices are only valid under the following conditions:

1. There must already be an existing wiring point (complete with a working wall switch).

2. No relocation of the existing wiring point

3. Ceiling Height must be less or equal to 3.0m

4. Installation surface must be free of obstruction

5. Installation surface must be flat (not slanted at an angle) and not undulating

6. Prices include removal and disposal of existing light/fan

7. All Optional Accessories like additional down rods/extensions/brackets/canopy not included.

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