Bulk Purchase/Group Buy

Bulk Purchase/Group Buy

From time to time we receive requests to organise bulk purchase or a group buy for a certain residential project or estate.  Due to our backend resource constraints, we have always been unable to explore such opportunities.  Certainly there are mutual benefits, as a customer you get to enjoy the convenience and piece of mind of a genuine purchase at a better discount, while we get to reach out to more customers.



We would like to gather your interest, for such events, and have set up a Group Buy Survey on our Facebook Page.  Our objective is to identify which area or estate is keen to enjoy such a promotion, and if it makes sense for us to organise one.

So, help us by participating in this survey, the more people you get, the more you can help us help you save!

The survey will be a anonymous one, and will be an ongoing one until we have received enough feedback to allow us to justify putting our resources together to organise one!

Live Results will be published here:



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