Going Green

Going Green

Here at Three Cubes Singapore, we always strive for environmental sustainability while keeping our business goals in sight.

In line with our green initiatives, we have

+ Gone Paperless (no more printed receipts/invoices for consumers)
+ Identify and work with manufacturers & suppliers to encourage minimum waste in packaging
+ Discourage fancy & wasteful repackaging and white labelling
+ Encourage recycling by repurposing carton boxes and carriers for packing & deliveries (this way, we are able to keep our prices competitive too)
+ Optimise delivery methods (e.g. by post or despatch) ensuring the least carbon footprints

At times we may need to consolidate deliveries (location optimisation) while managing customers expectations and at times, our packing may not look as elegant as the actual products inside, but we are sure you would understand.

We hope you too, share the vision and journey with us towards a sustainable ,liveable & greener future. 🙂

*Picture courtesy of freepik.com

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