Voluntary Lamp Recycling Programmes for Individuals / Households

Voluntary Lamp Recycling Programmes for Individuals / Households

ThreeCubes has always viewed recycling as a very important part of achieving a sustainable Earth.  We are already witnessing the effects of the damages humans have done to the environment in the last few decades.  As part of our efforts to contribute to this cause, we have been working with partners and related government agencies to facilitate the recycling of used bulbs/lamps in Singapore.  Since 2014, we have been providing individuals (Due to logistical reasons, we are unable to cater to commercial or bulk disposal-in huge quantities) the convenience of disposing their used bulbs/lamps by volunteering as a collection centre for our valued customers.

To encourage the concept of proper recycling, we run regular in store promotions and discounts to incentivise you for making an effort to make your way down here, so do come on in to say hi and make enquiries.

In order to ensure a fuss free experience, we seek your cooperation and understanding of the following:

- Types of Lamps accepted : Incandescent/Halogen/CFL/LED 

- Remove any box/packaging: Because they take up space,so just the bulb will do

- Do give us a heads on if you intend to drop by with more than 5 pieces (in case the bin is already full)

- Again, we are unable to cater to bulk disposal (commercial/office retrofitting,etc)

- Handing Broken Lamps:  Kindly attempt to wrap them up in newspaper or plastic bags before dropping them off

(See below link to find out more about the proper handling of broken CFL lamps)


Click Here to find out how to Handle Broken CFL Lamps.


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