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Steinel IS 2360 ECO (Motion Sensor)

Steinel IS 2360 ECO (Motion Sensor)

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Elegant. Compact. Inconspicuous. IS 2360 ECO precision infrared surface-mounted sensor. Ideal for porches and small rooms, 360° angle of coverage. Passive infrared sensor technology. Easy to install.

Slips into the background. And detects every movement.

Stylish infrared ceiling sensor with a noticeably compact look. The surface-mounted motion detector with passive infrared sensor technology is the perfect choice for porches and small rooms. It provides a 360° detection zone that can be matched to any specific situation by means of shrouds. With a reach of Ø 7 m, it reliably detects all movements with absolute precision. The precision IR sensor also impresses with its ease of installation.

Theben is a leading premium supplier of intelligent solutions for saving energy and increased comfort inside and outside the building.  One of only few things besides automobiles that can still claim to be born out of Germany.  

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Ø x H): 115 x 50 mm
Mains power supply: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Sensor Technology: passive infrared
Application, place: indoors, outdoors
Type of installation: Surface wiring
Mounting height: 2,00 – 4,00 m
Optimum mounting height: 2,8 m
Detection angle: 360 °
Angle of aperture:180 °
Reach, tangential:Ø 7 m (38 m²)
Twilight setting TEACH: No
Twilight setting: 2 – 2000 lx
Time setting: 8 s – 35 min
Switching output 1, resistive :2000 W
Switching output 1, number of LEDs / fluorescent lamps :6 stk.
Constant-lighting control :No
Basic light level function : No
With remote control :No
Sensor : Yes
Type of interconnection :Master/master
IP rating : IP54
Material : Plastic
Ambient temperature :-20 – 50 °C
Colour : white
Colour, RAL :9010
Manufacturer's Warranty :5 years







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