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AZ E-Lite

Outdoor Flood Light 65W by AZ E-Lite

Outdoor Flood Light 65W by AZ E-Lite

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AZPOSE 65W LED Floodlight (Sensor Optional)

The AZPOSE XL25(S) is an eco-friendly floodlight with motion and ambient sensors. The motion sensor has a detection range of up to 12m and can be used for stairwell and walkway applications. The adjustable daylight sensor determines when the floodlight should be activated and can be programmed to operate during low light level.


Product Overview

Superb Performance :

· Energy-efficient LED light source provides higher brightness
· Saves up to 40% energy compared with conventional floodlights

· IP54-compliant rugged casing ensures water-proof and no pest entry
· Maintenance free for lifespan of 35,000 hours

Flexibility :

· Separate pan and tilt adjustment gives maximum flexibility for illumination
· Special electric circuitry allows the control of secondary appliances, such as burglar alarms, even when providing illumination
· Adjustable timer determines the duration of illumination
· Override mode allows continuous 4 hours of light for special occasions

Additional Functions :

· Optional motion sensor to provide sensing, perfect for stairwell and walkway applications
· Motion sensor range: adjustable up to 12m

· Adjustable daylight sensors determine when floodlight should be activated

Applications :
Outdoor lighting (walkway, car porch, garden, signage etc.)

Ideal to replace existing conventional 150W floodlights 





Model No.: XL25/XL25S
Colour: white/black
Wattage: 65W
Input: 220-240V~, 50-60Hz
Lumen: 2800lm
CRI: >70
Colour Temp.: warm white/daylight
Tilt Angle: horizontal 90˚ / vertical 100˚
IP Rating: IP54
Lifespan: 35,000 hours
Dimension: 304(H) x 214(W) x 211(D)mm 




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