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NEAR Zigbee LED Strip Controller

NEAR Zigbee LED Strip Controller

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Make any LED lightstrip smart, instantly. 

  • Zigbee Enabled
  • Control with the Near app
  • It makes any LED strip smart
  • Create Smart scenes & Adjust lighting colours
  • Built-in RF function, control with a handy remote*
  • Connects directly to lighting point, therefore;
  • No need for a power socket / Switch socket outlet
  • Designed for furniture/architectural/accent strip lighting.
  • 2-Year local warranty

*RF remote sold separately. 


    Electrical Parameters
    Power: 72W per channel max. 
    • There is a total of 5 channels. 
    • Each colour is a channel, i.e. R, G, B, CW, WW
    • To calculate the maximum power this smart controller can handle, simply check how many channels your LED lightstrip takes up. 
    • For example, RGB LED strips have 4 wires: +, R, G, B.
    • The "+" does not count as it is just power input, R, G, B takes up 3 channels. Hence: 3 x 72 = 216W. 
    • This controller can control up to 216W worth of your RGB lightstrip.
    Voltage: 230-240V, (50/60Hz)
    Input Voltage: 12-24 VDC
    Input Current: 15.5A
    Type: Constant Voltage (CV)

    Tech Specifications
    Control distance: 30m (Barrier Free)

    Hardware Specifications
    Dimensions (mm): L 114 x W 38 x H 20 
    Weight: 80g, IP20 (Indoor Use),

    Protocol: Zigbee & RF 2.4 GHz
    Operating System: Android 4.0+, iOS8.0+
    Integrations: Amazon Alexa / Samsung SmartThings / Google Assistant



    2 years Local Carry-In Warranty 


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