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NEAR RF Remote Control

NEAR RF Remote Control

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Works with Selected Smart Controller Only


This handy remote is an accompanying accessory to the Near Zigbee LED Strip Controller. Simply follow the pairing guide in the next tab to learn how to control your lightstrips with a physical controller in addition to the Near app.  

  • Colour-change, Dim, or activate smart scenes.
  • Control up to 4 Zones (Groups)
  • The pairing process takes less than 1 minute.
  • Tunable White & All Colours options available. 
  • Uses 2 x AA batteries


    To Pair

    1. Locate and short-press the "match" button on the smart controller
    2. Immediately press either the "On/Off" or
    3. Choose a Zone button on the handheld remote.
    4. The LED indicator on the smart controller should start flashing a few times which indicates that the pairing process is successful.

    To Delete

    1. Long-press the "match" button on the smart controller for 20s,
    2. Once the LED indicator flashes rapidly a few times, it means that all paired remote controls have been deleted successfully.



    2 years Local Carry-In Warranty 


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