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NEAR Magnetic Track System (ZIGBEE Version)

NEAR Magnetic Track System (ZIGBEE Version)

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Plug and play.

Smart tracklights that evolves with ever-changing interior design trends.

Once the heavy-lifting (installation of the track) is done, the rest is easily DIY-able.

Add, remove, move or refocus these lights to adapt to your lighting needs.


Customizable Track Configuration.

Low voltage tracks to shuffle spot and linear modules quickly and safely. 

30% leaner than traditional lighting tracks, blending seamlessly into your ceiling.

Bend 90° corners in the ceiling or run it down the wall, customize the look of your track according to the design you have in mind.


Gorgeous Tunable White Lighting.

In addition to high quality lighting and accurate colour rendering at ≥90Ra (which makes whatever you see true to its original colour), the individual lighting modules can go from daylight to warm-white with a single swipe in the Near app.


Control with the Near app.

Use the Near app to create smart scenes and lighting groups, colour change, dim, automate with motion sensors and more.


There are no guarantees as there are more than 3 versions of the 23mm magnetic tracks in the market to date. 

Note: Upon installation to a third-party magnetic track, the warranty for Near magnetic module will be voided as we will not be responsible for any damages to the magnetic module from incompatible accessories.


Yes, as the magnetic lighting modules uses the Zigbee protocol.


No, This lamp does not work together with a built-in dimmer.  If you need one that does, please contact us directly.




2 years Local Carry-In


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