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LED Colour Bulbs (Outdoor Suitable)

  • $9.80 SGD

MEGAMAN® LED Colour Bulb Series


  • Delight colours to suit for different occasions
  • Water resistant outdoor version
  • Various colour options available for various mix and match combinations
  • Protective sleeve of silicone design
  • Long rated life of up to 25,000 hours



Type of Reflector: N/A
Input: AC 220-240V
Wattage: 1W
Lamp Base: E27
Length: E27: 87mm
Weight: E27: 31g
Diameter: E27: 45mm
Beam Angle: N/A
Colour Temperature: Blue/Green/Red/Orange Light
Colour Rendering Index: N/A
Rated Luminous Flux: N/A
Max. Lumen Intensity: N/A
Lamp Life: 25000Hrs
IP Rating: IP54
Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ +40°C

IP54 means the product is a water-resistant outdoor version designed to maintain the IP rating of the light fitting used (up to a maximum of IP54).

*Note: Diffuser is frosted, colour is only visible when bulb is switched on.


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