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Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 28W (Kids)

  • $139.00 SGD

Beyond lighting, pleasant lighting
Ideal of Singapore kids bedroom
Yeelight Kids Ceiling Light Singapore
  • Dimmable 
  • Smart Control Remote Control (Bluetooth-BLE)
  • Mobile App WIFI Control(Android/iOS)
  • Insect Free
  • WiFi Enabled
  • No Hub Required
  • Remote Access
  • Adjustable Colour (3 tones)
  • 28 watts
  • AI Voice Control Ready (Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Mi Home 

    Yeelight Singapore Threecubes

    A Happy Childhood for Boys and Girls
    Cute Cartoon Design | Flicker-Free Soft Light |  Cozy Moonlight | Ra 95


    The Ideal Gift for Children
    Combine cute cartoon design with high-quality light source. Providing the suitable lighting for work, play and bedtime. A good ceiling light provides not only lighting but also caring company for children.




    3 Amazing Colours To Choose From: 

    Kids Ceiling Light Singapore

    Chick Biddy (YELLOW)


    I am Chick Biddy. I am outgoing and cute. I like eating snacks and painting with my friends. My favorite colour is yellow.


    Giraffe Tally (ORANGE)


    I am Giraffe Tally. I am gentle and polite. I am very tall and love eating green vegetables. I like doing sports and reading. Remember that protecting your eyes is very important.


    Dino Sean (BLUE)  

    I am Dino Sean. I am brave and curious. Come and be my friend, you’ll never be afraid of darkness. The world is amazing. Let’s go and explore.


    Kids LED lighting Singapore Threecubes

    Flicker-Free Soft Light
    While ensuring brightness, light goes through high-efficiency diffuser plate and becomes softer and more even. Healthy light source matches with no-flicker dimming technology. Help to protect children’s eyes.


    Kids Eye Safe Ceiling LED light Singapore

    Natural Lighting Effect
    Equipped with 240pcs LEDs of a color rendering index that is up to 95Ra, providing natural lighting effect. Deal with the influence that low color rendering index brings.
    Night Light Kids Ceiling Light LED Singapore
    Cozy Moonlight
    Moonlight mode which gives the look of the moon when turned on, is surprisingly comfortable. With brightness down to 0.1 lumen, reduces glare and mitigates eyestrain.



    Dust Proof


    Say goodbye to dismantling your ceiling lights just to ensure that it is dust and insect free!



    Be it study, work or just before you sleep, enjoy the freedom to adjust the lights in accordance to your activity through voice commands, mobile or the remote.



    Control the ambiance wirelessly via voice command through Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or mobile through Xiao Mi MIJIA and YEELIGHT application.  Works with IFTTT and MIJIA eco system.

     YeeLight Blue Tooth Remote Threecubes Singapore


    Dimmable and color temperature adjustable with just a touch from the remote control. With simple handy design and easy-understood icon,  kids can turn off light by their self in bed.




    Wi-Fi connected to Yeelight or MIJIA APP, control the light in the children’s room with just a touch of your fingertip. Turn on light for baby from your own room no matter when he or she needs.


    25000 Hours Lifetime

    Aluminum rear plate, copper clips, 450 parts and 96 working procedures, we provide you with high quality lighting.


    Efficient Heat Dissipation

    240 pcs Limiteds/OSRAM LEDs and specially designed arrangement, unibody aluminum plate, 1.1 ℃/W saturation thermal resistance,highly efficient cooling reduces light wane and ensures LED lifetime.

    Kids YEELIGHT Dimension Singapore


    Model No. YLXD02YL
    Color Yellow,Orange,Blue
    Dimensions 20x320x73mm
    Package Dimensions 344 mm * 344 mm * 87 mm
    Net Weight 1360g



    Luminous Flux 1500lm ±10% @4000k
    Communication Mode Wi-Fi&BLE
    Color Temperature 2700K-6500K
    Brightness 0.1-1500lm
    CRI ≥95
    Power 28W
    Adapter voltage 200V~50/60Hz 0.12A
    Lifetime 25000hrs
    Lamp input 200-240V
    Platform Supported (a) Android4.4 and above system;
    (b) iOS8.0 and above system


    -Authorised Local Reseller with Full Agent Support & Warranty(online registration required) 

    -Certified for Use in Singapore (iDA Approved)

    -Original & Authentic YEELIGHT

    -1+1 Year Carry- In Warranty



    1.Is there any requirement for the smart phone?

    A:Yes. Android 4.4. and above, iOS 8 and above, Wi-Fi enabled.


    2.What’s the size and weight of Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?

    A:The diameter is 320mm,height is 73mm and weight is 1360g.


    3.In there any accessory for the ceiling light?

    A:Yes. It is equipped with a lamp-holder.


    4.Can I adjust colour temperature of the ceiling light?

    A:Yes, you can adjust colour temperature of the light from 2700k to 6500k.


    5.What’s the power of the ceiling light?



    6.What’s the best dimensions of the room that is suitable for brightness of the ceiling light?

    A:15㎡is the best.


    7.What’s the lifetime of this ceiling light?

    A:About 25000 hours.


    8.What’s the operating voltage?

    A:220V~50Hz,Singapore Standard Voltage.


    9.What are the do’s and don’ts when you install and use Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?



    1.Before using the light, please check if the voltage conforms to operating voltage of the product. Using improper voltage might damage the product and bring hidden danger.  Especially if you bough your unit else where on Qoo10, LAZADA, TaoBao or Amazon

    2.Although some retailers may market this product as simple to install and remove, it is recommended that you engaged a certified electrician. PLEASE NOTE LED module/driver can’t be changed and there is no bulb to change, please don’t break up the product.

    3.Ceiling light will produce heat, please keep ventilation for effective heat dissipation.


    10.Is there an independent software for App control ?

    A:Yes.For the moment, besides using Xiaomi Smart Home APP,you can also use independent Yeelight APP to control your light.


    11.Can this light connect to two or above smart phones?

    A:Yes. This light supports sharing and can connect to several smart phones. There’s no limitation of the number.


    12.Can one smart phone connect to several ceiling lights?

    A:Yes.There’s no limitation of the number.


    13.How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and smart phone?

    A:There’s no limitation, as long as your smart phone and the ceiling light both are under Wifi environment.


    14:How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and router?

    A:Within 30 meters(no block).


    15:How to reset Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?

    A: Turning on/off the light continually 5 times through physical switch, when the light takes on breathing effect ,you have reset successfully.


    16.Does the ceiling light support firmware upgrade?

    A:Yes.When new firmware released, you can upgrade the light through setting the option of Check the Firmware Update in the APP.


    17.Does the ceiling light support Light Off Delay?

    A:Yes. Just through setting the option of Turn Off Delay in the APP, the time range is from 1 to 60 mins.


    18.Does it support controlling several ceiling light at the same time?

    A:Yes. Through setting the option of Recreate Light Group in the APP, you can take several ceiling light into one light group to control together.


    19:How many modes does Yeelight LED Ceiling Light have?

    A:Two, the first is Sunlight Mode, the other is Night Light Mode.


    20:Is there any requirement for routers?

    A:No, all brands of routers with Wi-Fi enabled are supported.

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