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IntesisHome Universal Wi-Fi Aircon Controller

IntesisHome Universal Wi-Fi Aircon Controller

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IntesisHome Universal AC Controller

IntesisHome Universal WiFi Air Conditioner Controller allows you to control any Air Conditioner that has an Infrared (IR) receiver. The Universal device works as your standard wireless remote controller sending commands to the indoor unit. In addition, the Universal IntesisHome device is equipped with an IR receiver allowing it to receive any command you sent using your standard wireless remote controller and updating the changes in our app and web. That means you can use the IntesisHome solution and the Manufacturer wireless remote controller together without problems.

Compatibility with most market brands

And many other brands here. Discover the compatibility here

What's included in the box

  • Power adapter with 4 different plugs
  • Power adaptor extensive cable
  • Drop-slip adhesive
  • IntesisHome Universal Controller



On-the-go controls using your Smart Phone

  • On/Off
  • Operating modes: Cool, Heat, Auto, Fan, Dry
  • Temperature point
  • Fan Speed
  • Ambient temperature
  • Vanes
  • Timer & Scenes
  • Programmable yearly calendar

Enhanced smart capabilities (via third party services)

  • Geolocation
  • Weather
  • Voice Commands
  • Interaction with other Smart Home devices from Nest, Belkin, WeMo, Philips Hue, etc
  • Binary input (Presence Sensor & Window Contact)
  • Extremes Protection
  • iOS VoiceOver Support

How it works

What you need

1.1. Ensure that your air conditioner, heat pump or air to water unit is compatible with the system.

Check compatibility list to verify that this is accomplished.

1.2. Acquire an IntesisHome device.

Before start using IntesisHome Application, you will need to acquire an IntesisHome device.

1.3. Internet connection in the building where the air conditioner, heat pump or air to water system is installed.

IntesisHome is a cloud based application. Therefore, Internet connection is needed for its use. To ensure this, please:

A) Check Wi-Fi network status.

Before starting the set up process, check that Wi-Fi signal level is good enough. To do it so, please pick up your Wi-Fi device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) and check Wi-Fi networks available. Stay as close as possible from the IntesisHome device and have a look on the available Wi-Fi networks*. Check that from where you are, you can access your own Wi-Fi network (the network you have at home or the office) and a network that starts with INTESISHOME.

*Depending on the OS you are using, information regarding Wi-Fi networks can be found in different places. Refer to your OS help center if you don’t know where to find this information and/or visit our connectivity section in this same site.

B) Check that you have enough Wi-Fi signal level.

The web browser should display a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Look for the name of your Wi-Fi network* and make sure that the signal level associated to it is Good, Very Good or Excellent. If this is not the case, please try to move your Access Point (AP) or router as close as possible to the IntesisHome device. If this is not possible, please visit our connectivity section in this same site for more information and possible solutions.

* The name of your Wi-Fi network is set in your Access Point (AP) or router. Check any of those equipment manuals if you don’t know your Wi-Fi network and want to know it or change it.

1.4. A Wi-Fi device with access to the Internet.

As mentioned before, IntesisHome needs Internet connectivity. To run IntesisHome Application and to control the indoor unit(s) you will need at least one device with Internet connectivity (smartphone, laptop or tablet). Moreover, to carry out the configuration step, you will need a Wi-Fi device (smartphone, laptop or tablet) to access the IntesisHome device and configure it properly. In case you want to use the App available for iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android devices, you will also need one of these devices, which need to be purchased apart.

How to install and configure

1. Install IntesisHome device.

Please, follow instructions on the Installation Manual to connect the IntesisHome device to the indoor unit. Remember that installation procedure should be performed by an authorised installer, so contact with your local installer to perform this step.

Result: If installation process has been successful, IntesisHome device LED will be steady GREEN.

If not, please ensure that the air conditioner, heat pump unit or air to water system is connected to mains. If problem still persist, ask you installer to check connections and wiring installation to ensure everything is OK.

2. Configure IntesisHome device.

Before enjoying IntesisHome, you need to configure your IntesisHome device. To do it so, please follow instructions on the Quick Start Guide and the IntesisHome Device Configuration site.

Result: If configuration process has been successful IntesisHome device LED will blink GREEN,YELLOW, RED and finally turns OFF. See image below to check.


If your device is not following this sequence, please check the LED status table below to try to find out which has been the problem.

LED color Behavior Description
Green Steady Not configured
Green Blinking Checking device configuration parameters (up to 2 minutes)
Yellow Blinking Downloading configuration. Wait (up to 2 minutes)
Red Blinking Connecting to access point and server (up to 2 minutes)
Red/Green Alternate Blinking Error Connecting to Access point or router. Try to connect again and make sure you write the correct password
Yellow/Green Alternate Blinking Server not reached. Check if there is Internet connectivity on your Access Point or router
Blue Blinking Performing WPS connection (up to 2 minutes)
White Blinking IntesisHome device identification


Remember that before start using the IntesisHome device, you need to register yourself as a user and the device too. See How can I register my IntesisHome device? to get more information. 




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