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Innr Strip Light

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The Innr Strip provides soft, wirelessly dimmable lighting for example in your bookcase or behind your TV. It gives your room just that bit of extra ambience.

  • beautiful warm white LED light
  • dimable via the Innr app
  • hidden from sight with the special shroud
  • easy installation

Use the Strip to properly illuminate a cabinet or to set the optimal lighting for watching television. The Strip lighting also works nicely under a bar, or a low cabinet. Your unique light plan tells you exactly what you need to know to achieve the best results. The strips come in a box per 10 pieces of 25 centimeter. 

5 cables are included to connect the strips: 2x 2m, 2x 1,5m and 1 x 1m. The cable to connect the power adapter to the smart control box measures 4m.


REQUIRES a Innr or Philips HUE Bridge to work.


Detail Specifications:

Height: 12mm
Width: 17mm
Length: 2500mm
Wattage: 10 x 1 W
Beam angle: 90°
Lifetime: > 25000 hour
Lumen: 10 x 47 Lm
CRI: 82-90
Colour temperature: 2700 K
Standby power: 0.20 W

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