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Innr RGBW Flex Strip Light

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Flex Light RGBW FL130C (4m)


With this 4 meter long, smart version of the flexible color LED strip you can easily create decorative colour accents that you use with the Innr or Philips Hue app and Bridge. Choose the desired colour yourself. Perfect for on top of a cupboard, under a kitchen bar, under the couch or behind a desk. There are two 2m cables so you can divide the strip(s) into two parts and a 4m cable to connect the power adapter. The Flex itself is four meters long and 10 mm wide.

  • 16 million colours
  • 4 meter, can be cut in 2 pieces
  • 240 LEDs (30 RGB + 30 WW LEDs / m)
  • Works with Philips Hue*
  • Works With AMAZON ECHO(Alexa) & Google Home Assistant (Via HUE bridge)

*does not work with Apple HomeKit(at the moment). 


Colour LED strips are popular, and for good reason. They’re cost-effective, safe (low voltage) and flexible, and they can quickly and easily help you create colour accents in your home. We’ve compiled 10 of the most frequently asked questions about LED strips in general and Innr’s new smart LED strip.


I think I’ve seen LED strips before, but what is a LED strip exactly?

Basically it’s a flexible low voltage self-adhesive strip with lots of LED-lights on it. Power is provided by a plug-in type power supply. The light comes from RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs, which means they can give any colour of light, including all shades of white. The best products combine RGB LEDs and white LEDs (e.g. the Innr Flex Colour) for more powerful and more natural white light.


What’s so smart about the Innr LED strip?

The strip can be controlled with an app. Use your smartphone to switch the light on or off, dim the light or change its colour, all 4 metres of it! Or you can make your life easier with a timer setting to switch on your light strip at sunset and switch them off again at midnight. Or whenever you fancy.


Does the Innr LED strip also work with my Philips Hue system?

Yes! Just keep in mind that Homekit is not supported which unfortunately means you can’t use it with Siri. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are supported in combination with a Hue bridge. The Innr LED strip also works with SmartThings and, of course, with the Innr system.


Is the Innr LED strip better than other smart LED strips?

We would like to think that it is ;-)

The strip is twice as long as the Philips Hue LED strip (just to be precise: 4 metres) and has a smaller distance between the diodes (also known as the pitch) for a smoother light effect. This means less dark spaces or spotting between each LED.


Great! But why do I need it?

Light strips are typically used for decorative accent lighting to create more ambiance or for extra light in dark areas. Popular applications areas are the kitchen, where they are used under cabinets or the kitchen plinth; in the living room as cove lighting, bookshelf lighting or curtain lighting, and in stairwells for extra ambiance and visibility.


16 Million colours sounds like a lot. What colours would work for me?

Colours are fun, but too many colours may be too much of a good thing.

Rule #1: Think about the atmosphere you’d like to create. During the day, fresh colours are best (blues or greens); a more modern daytime colour is purple. During the evening, it’s best to avoid cool colours but focus more on red, orange and yellow tones. If you’re wondering why, give it a go! (Hint: blues and greens can give you a ghostlike appearance!)


Are LED strips bright enough? Or are they perhaps too bright?

Our LED strip provides 1000 lumens maximum; that’s approximately the same output as 100W bulb. For most situations this is more than enough. Usually you’ll want less light. It’s good to know that the Innr LED strip is dimmable up to 0.1%, so ideal for late night ambiance lighting or gentle early morning wake-up light.


Can I use them outside?

Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea. The Innr Flex Light RGBW has been designed for indoor use. Some water on the strip during cleaning is fine but rain and large temperature fluctuations are not good for the LED strip.


4 Metres sounds like a lot of strip! Can I make it shorter?

Yes, you can! And they will still work, provided you cut them at a cut mark. These marks are spaced at 16.6 cm. The best bit: you don’t have to throw out the part you’ve cut off. You can still use it with the second cable that is included.


Anything else I should know before I install the Innr LED strip?

Be gentle if you want to go round corners. Definitely don’t make sharp folds. It’s best to cut the strip instead, using separate power cables for both lengths. If you can’t avoid sharp corners or bends, consider another product e.g. the Innr Strip, which is a good alternative for more compact bookshelves.



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