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Innr E27 Bulb Warm Dimming

  • $40.00 SGD
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This Bulb is the smart LED variant of the classic light bulb, with the accompanying light feeling. The light becomes warmer when you dim the lamp, just like with an incandescent lamp.

  • beautiful warm white light
  • light becomes warmer when dimmed
  • wireless dimming with the Innr app
  • fits any standard E27 socket

Thanks to the 'warm dimming' function, this lamp always provides the perfect light in places where you both work and relax, for example at your dining table. The automatic warm dimming function takes care of bright white light when you work and soft, warm mood lighting for that cozy dinner. The lamp automatically emits a warmer tone of light when dimmed (2700K -> 2200K).


REQUIRES a Innr , Samsung SmartThings Hub or Philips HUE Bridge to work, otherwise it is just a normal On/Off bulb.


Detail Specifications:

Height: 60mm
Width: 60mm
Length: 120mm
Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 70.00grs
Wattage: 9 W
Beam angle: 240°
Lifetime: > 25000 hour
Lumen: 806 Lm
Socket type: E27
CRI: 80-90
Colour temperature: 2200 K
Standby power: 0.40 W
Replacement wattage: 60 W
Power factor: 0.70

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