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Innr Bridge Links everything together

  • $105.00 SGD
  • Save $15.00 SGD


The Bridge links all lamps of the Innr system together. This is how you control all your lighting, wherever and whenever you want, with the Innr app. And you determine the mood you desire at that moment.

  • control your lighting with the Innr app
  • optimal reach in your house and beyond
  • one single Bridge for your entire house

The Bridge is the core of the Innr system. All lights are connected with the Bridge and it serves as the gateway to your WiFi network (and the internet). You need a Bridge to take advantage of all the benefits of the Innr system. Using an Innr Bridge, you can make optimal use of a light plan from our LightAdvisor.





Standby power:1.00 W






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