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Home Automation Starter Kit

  • $679.00 SGD

A Smart Home is not being able to just control your lights and other home systems with your smartphone or tablet (this is so yesterday).  It should be "smarter" to know when to perform certain tasks with little or no intervention at all.  But you will get there ....but first, start by introducing a simple and complete Z-Wave starter kit to automate a room or two, and we will guide you through the rest.


You will be able to achieve the following with a complete setup.

- On/Off group(s) of Lights

- Operate Air Conditioning

- Draw/undraw curtains, can be triggered to automate during certain times

- Integrate with Digital Door Locks (Z-wave)


Actions can be programmed to trigger only under certain conditions: In the absence or presence of motion, during certain times of the day, when temperature falls below certain pre determined levels, etc.


The Z-Wave starter kit consist of the following devices:

1 x Micasaverde Vera Edge
2 x TKB (or Popp) Plugin Switches
2 x Fibaro Dimmer Relay

With absolutely no rewiring required, the starter pack allows you to automate 2 or more downlights and 2 power socket instantly. Simply open 2 of your existing one gang switch and retrofit the fibaro dimmer relays and you are good to go!


Set up and Consultancy available separately.  We provide FOC site survey and advice during your renovation, pre move-in or post move-in periods.



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