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FIBARO Roller Shutter 2

FIBARO Roller Shutter 2

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The FIBARO Roller Shutter 2 allows you to control electric roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds, garage doors and gates. Roller Shutter can control any device that is powered by an AC electric motor.

  • Controlled by FIBARO System devices or any Z-Wave controller
  • Allows to monitor the motor's energy consumption
  • Controls of the blinds position or the angle of a venetian blind
  • Executive elements: relays
  • The device may be operated by momentary or toggle switches and by dedicated roller blind control switches
  • Possibility to activate scenes by physical switch
Use Cases
  1. FIBARO system integrated with shutters or blinds will allow you to save on the heating or air conditioning. On a clear winter day the sun will help to heat your home, but in the summer, closed blinds will prevent house from overheating.

  2. You overslept again and did not have enough time to drink your morning coffee? With FIBARO you can easily design your perfect “wake up” scene. In the morning system raises the temperature in your room and opens the blinds. Coffee machine is switched on automatically when the motion is detected on the way to the bathroom. How will you make your morning brighter? 
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave
  • Voltage: 110 - 240V, 50Hz
  • Wiring: Requires neutral
  • Maximum load: 1,000W - 4.3A (230V AC)
  • Power Consumption: < 0.8W
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 17mm


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