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FIBARO Motion Sensor

FIBARO Motion Sensor

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The FIBARO Motion Sensor is a highly advanced, ultra small multi-sensor. Motion Sensor honored with CES 2015 Innovation Awards and International Design Awards 2015. This tiny sensor has a built-in temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer. The eye of the sensor shines with user-defined colors to visually alert when detects motion and alarm. The Motion Sensor is completely wireless and mobile. It can even turn the lights on when you enter that room!


  • Plug and Play extremely easy installation on surface without drilling and cabling
  • Detects every motion and allows lighting controls and heating measuring
  • Possibility to Integrate with alarm or fire prevention system
  • Measures the temperature
  • Compatibles with any Z-Wave controller
  • Alarms of movement and temperature are signaled by LED diode blinking
  • Simple earthquake detector mode
Use Cases
  1. How often does it happen that one of family members forgets to turn off the light? Motion Sensor integrated with lighting system is a simple way to save the energy. Lamps will automatically turn on when someone enters the room and turn off when no movement is detected.

  2. Children during their innocent plays may become a reason of minor damages at your home. How to protect your jewellery, important documents or expensive cosmetics from their creativity? Motion Sensor is a small device which will take care of your valuables. When the sensor detects movement in the room, the information will be sent to your phone. It is your decision what actions should be taken later.

  3. Your child does not like to fall asleep when it is dark in the room? Thanks to Motion Sensor there will be no need to get up and turn off the lamp in a child's room. The sensor will turn off the light automatically after the child falls asleep and stops moving in the bed.

  4. Are you worried that your child will wake up at night and wander around the house unattended? Motion Sensor will send you a notification whenever motion is detected in the hallway at night.

  5. Motion Sensor turns on the lights in the room when motion is detected, but only if it is necessary. Built-in light sensor allows the device to distinguish day from night. Lamps will be turned on only after sunset or on a cloudy day.



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Wireless technology: Z-Wave

4-in-1 Sensor: Motion, temperature, accelerometer and lighting level

PIR: 7mm detection and 2.4 recommended installation height

Temperature: 0 to +40°C (±0.5°C)

Light: 0 - 32,000Lux

Tamper Alarm: Yes

Push-button: Wake-up, inclusion and exclusion

Rating: Dry (Indoor) conditions • Power: 1x CR123A (3.6V) battery (supplied)

Dimensions: 44 mm (dia)



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